Celestial Unity

The next big cryptocurrency

rewards from Staking and Redistribution 

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Our Ecosystem

Celestial Unity PHX Innovations created Celestial Unity token as its utility token for the proposal of a Commercial Bank built for the cryptocurrency industry, while the banking functionalities will run as a traditional bank to provide financial services to the public and business while ensuring economic and social stability and sustainable growth.

The Celestial ecosystem is designed for the continued growth of value without volume. Our Ecosystem benefits from the celestial unity token and PHX innovations in a revolutionary way from our innovations brought to the cryptocurrency world.

Rewards Program:

3 Functions for your benefit.

• Community stake pools pay weekly in BUSD on Monday.

• BUSD Rewards paid hourly from all tax on buys/sells

• Stake Celestial Unity Token and increase your % of Celestial Unity while receiving all rewards benefits from hourly and weekly rewards payment.

• There is a requirement for people to have 10,000 Celestial Unity tokens to receive these benefits.

Our Innovations


Celestial Marketplace is for freelance services in the crypto industry. PHX Innovations provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide for the cryptocurrency market.

The market allows for a secure network for payments for services provided and security for both the buyers and sellers.

NFT Real-Estate

Celestial Unity NFT Real-estate is a platform designed for the cryptocurrency market that provides a simple and low-cost way to access the property market while receiving rental income from commercial and residential properties. The NFT value is priced directly to the property value. This platform is designed for long-term investors' growth and value to the Celestial Unity Ecosystem.


Celestial Exchange will be a leading Australian platform designed to allow cryptocurrency trading In a safe, regulated environment to the users.

At the same time, each trade will continue to increase the Celestial Unity Tokens rewards.

Special Features

Rebuy / Reborn Program

10% of CU token allocated for the rebuy program. It is a self-sustainable manual rebuy program that continuously increases the growth and community stake pool of the token by rebuying the token. Its rebuy program is based on the pool rewards and BUSD distribution, which will use its profits to buy the token, increasing its % of share.

PHX Innovations Buyback Program

PHX Innovations has implemented a buyback program of Celestial Unity Token. Like traditional buyback campaigns from companies, we will have an allocated fund for the buyback program and remain until those funds have been depleted. PHX Innovations will continue to put funds towards its buyback program and initiate it at its discretion Transaction Fees

Celestial Unity Community Stake Pool

The stake pools system has been designed for rewards, risk mitigation, and continuous growth without volume. The Community staking pool payout will come from a High APY Stake Pool at a 70% return to its investors in BUSD Monday and 30% reinvested into the community stake pool.

Transaction Fees

Tax 12% Buys/Sells
3% Liquidity
3% Community Stake Pools (Rewards paid weekly BUSD)
3% Redistribution (paid hourly in BUSD)
3% Marketing/Company

Meet The Team

Denisz Sipos

Denisz Sipos

Director – Founder

Elektra Armani

Elektra Armani

Business Development Manager

Alex Kane

Alex Kane

IT Manager



Marketing Manager.

Contract Documents

Contract Audit







Phase 1
  • Token Development Contract
  • Website Celestial Unity
  • PHX Innovations Company Registration
  • Whitepaper V1
  • PHX Innovations management programs signed documents (CEO)
Phase 2

• Celestial Unity Staking Development
• Celestial Unity Dashboard
• Celestial Unity Calculator
• Community Stake Pool Nominated

Phase 3
  • Marketing Implementation Social
  • Celestial Unity Press Published (Yahoo
    Finance, Market watch, Journal)
  • Live AMA's Pre-Launch Marketing
  • Influencer Onboarding (Youtube,
    Twitter, Telegram
Phase 4
  • KYC and Audit conducted by Solidity
  • PinkSale Presale
  • Pancake Swap Launch
  • CMC/CG Listing
Phase 5
  • CU Self Sustainability Cycle Program Implemented
  • PHX Innovations Company Buy-Back Program Implemented
  • Marketing Implementation Strategy
  • Implementation and Acquisition of PHX Investment Portfolio
  • (AFSL) Australian Financial Services License Enquiry for CU Innovations
  • Celestial Unity Exchange Development
Phase 6
  • Development of 2022 Road map
  • Celestial Exchange Development
    (AFSL Required) 2022


 PHX Innovations is an Australian registered company that manages Celestial Unity. The company has strategic investment strategies for self-sustainability and growth while producing products & development for the celestial unity ecosystem.

Celestial Unity is an ecosystem of self-growth and reflection. It helps investors earn growth and stable returns and offers an ecosystem that is continuously providing returns across its whole ecosystem principles and resulting profits.

A staking pool is when a group of coin holders merges their resources. This consolidation can then allow them to up their chances of validating blocks and receive rewards in return.

Reflection tokens distribute a percentage of every transaction back to the holders. This mechanism encourages token holders to hold on to their tokens to earn taxes from the transactions on the crypto market.

The BUSD redistribution is part of the intelligent contract setup of the celestial unity token. However, the stake pools, the rebuy program, and the celestial ecosystem are all manually handled by PHX Innovations. This is due to being able to risk mitigate and remove funding accordingly to the separate stake pools. Additionally, as the rebuy program has a sell-off point and funding allocation to Community stake pools, it is also a manual conversation. The fee allocation from the celestial ecosystem additionally needs to be placed accordingly.

This is also part of the 3% tax for PHX Innovations to Manage Celestial Unity token. In return, as PHX Innovations grows, it provides the 10% after-tax profit back into the Celestial Unity community stake pools as an investment for PHX Innovations.

Celestial Unity Ecosystem rewards holders of phoenix unity token on the platforms participation, active engagement, and purchases within all of the Celestial Ecosystem of services to create a revolution that will see benefits awarded to holders of Celestial Unity (CU).

Simply by having Celestial Unity Tokens and participation and purchases within the ecosystem across all current and future programs. In addition, the returns are paid weekly and hourly.

Contact Us

  • Australian Company Number 653983165
  • Australian Business Number 60653983165
  • Email – Support@celestialunity.com
  • Email – Support@PHXinnovations.com
  • Address: Level 2 23 Foster Street Surry Hills NSW 2010